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At W6 we are the all in one design studio. With over 30 years experience in the advertising and printing industry. We prepare a full business advertising package. Whether you are a newly formed company or an established business we can create your company image encompassing your standard stationary package with a fully functioning web site. For the established client we can refresh your image and revitalize your business. Our in-house service includes; copywriting, design concepts, graphic design, web design and all types of printing services.

our name

The W6 of the title actually comes from a quote from a writer who was for many years reviled as being the high priest of British ultra-imperialism but is now appreciated as someone whose attitude to British colonialism, especially in India, was far more nuanced and respectful of inter-cultural and inter-religious complexities. Rudyard Kipling, for it is he, was a wonderful word-smithy and among the many felicitous lines he wrote was one which ought to be the lodestar of all journalists, mediacrats and indeed all intellectually engaged and curious human beings. The lines read : " I keep six honest serving-men (they taught me all I knew); their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who". (How ends in a W in case you didn't notice!).


Our studio has state of the art Apple Mac machines combined with PC's. We have all the latest programmes required to handle all files. Full proofing service provided.